Worthy of Surrender

The time has come for you to wake up from sleep,
For salvation is nearer than when we first believed.
And when we sleep, we’re no better than the dead,
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I’ve wondered and I’ve worried ’bout my place in Heaven’s love.
Despite the Spirit’s witnessing, elusive was the dove.
Awash in fearful faithlessness, my sin convinced me thus:
That even though He promised life, my lot is merely dust.
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First poem of the blog!

Just a couple days ago, I edited my Oct 2nd post to add that I might occassionally post poems here. Then last night I said on Facebook that I miss writing poetry. Well, here’s one already. Simple and short. Nothin’ grand. Enjoy, few blog-readers of mine!

“Vessel” (Does it even need a title?)

I’m aware that I’m a vessel, like a vessel on the sea.
Won’t You please become my rudder? Let your love control me.
There’s a war behind the wheel over what my face will see,
And the members of my crew divide on where they want to be.
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