I wanted to ask you…

I wrote this a couple years ago. I’m not sure if I want to call this a poem, though. More like a slightly rhymey mumblefest.

I never intended it to be read, but only heard and seen. It makes a lot more sense when I perform it. But since this is a blog, it’s going to appear here in a written form. Cool? Cool.

I tried to use punctuation and spacing to sorta kinda-ish represent how it might sounds if you heard it spoken. Almost. I tried. It probably will not make much sense unless you really play along with with the indicaed pauses and whatnot.

Imagine these are the words of a slightly awkward, fumbly-tongued young man who’s quite sure about his own thoughts and feelings but worried that they might not be acceptable to someone else. He’s trying to say some simple words but finding only complicated ones. So… um… yeah. I wrote this.

Here’s the one I call “I wanted to ask you…”

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Music to Me

I haven’t finished a new poem in a while, so I’ll share this one from high school. I wrote this in 10th grade for a school assignment. Apparently, at the time I felt like being a rebel by using lowercase letters to start most of the lines. My punctuation is pretty bad, too. I admit it bugs me and I really want to fix it, but I’m leaving it that way since that’s how I wrote it to begin with.

Music to Me – from 10th grade

Music is a friend of mine,
one that will never die.
It’s there when I want it to be,
and on my command it can supply

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Driving Blind

This is “Driving Blind”, the first lyric I wrote for my friend Cory Breth. He wrote music for it, so now it’s an actual song! It’s on the album he’s releasing on March 1st, 2013, and it’s going to be on iTunes! A song I wrote will be on iTunes? Whoa. That feels pretty cool.

Verse 1:
Just go and trace a blacktop line
Cruisin’ on my own
Drivin’ free and feelin’ fine
Not sure just where I want to be
Got no place to go
Makes no difference to me

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There Is a Place

In the Bible, God frequently uses the analogy of a bride and groom to describe his realtionship with his people. The way He acts and speaks toward his people is often very husband-like. (like a good husband… actually, a perfect husband) It’s dowmright romantic, at times.

I wrote this lyric in May of 2012 from the perspective of Jesus speaking (or singing, I guess) to his bride, his people.

Verse 1:
Come, come to me quickly.
Come. I love you, my bride.
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Beauty Unto Christ

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

He created the sky and the sea and the land –
All sculptures molded by His almighty hand.
He created the plants and the fish and the birds.
What marvels He crafts with His will and His words!
He created the animals walking around,
Treading and dwelling upon solid ground.
Then He took up some dirt and breathed into it life,
Turning dust into man and his rib to a wife.

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A poem about Christmas. … kinda. You’ll see.

(Be warned, this is kinda long. I think it’s worth your time, though. Maybe 10 minutes.)

Hey there, pals. So I wrote another poem. But I need to explain a bit before you read it to make sure the context is understood. Some of you may know this stuff already, so bear with me.

When mankind sinned against God and lost relationship with Him, God quickly began making promises about how He would restore his people to Himself and make it all okay again. Those promises centered on the idea that He would send a Messiah to save people from their sin. And He talked about this with his people throughout history, reminding them of this Messiah and his promise.
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