I wanted to ask you…

I wrote this a couple years ago. I’m not sure if I want to call this a poem, though. More like a slightly rhymey mumblefest.

I never intended it to be read, but only heard and seen. It makes a lot more sense when I perform it. But since this is a blog, it’s going to appear here in a written form. Cool? Cool.

I tried to use punctuation and spacing to sorta kinda-ish represent how it might sounds if you heard it spoken. Almost. I tried. It probably will not make much sense unless you really play along with with the indicaed pauses and whatnot.

Imagine these are the words of a slightly awkward, fumbly-tongued young man who’s quite sure about his own thoughts and feelings but worried that they might not be acceptable to someone else. He’s trying to say some simple words but finding only complicated ones. So… um… yeah. I wrote this.

Here’s the one I call “I wanted to ask you…”

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