Worthy of Surrender

The time has come for you to wake up from sleep,
For salvation is nearer than when we first believed.
And when we sleep, we’re no better than the dead,
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I’ve wondered and I’ve worried ’bout my place in Heaven’s love.
Despite the Spirit’s witnessing, elusive was the dove.
Awash in fearful faithlessness, my sin convinced me thus:
That even though He promised life, my lot is merely dust.
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Music to Me

I haven’t finished a new poem in a while, so I’ll share this one from high school. I wrote this in 10th grade for a school assignment. Apparently, at the time I felt like being a rebel by using lowercase letters to start most of the lines. My punctuation is pretty bad, too. I admit it bugs me and I really want to fix it, but I’m leaving it that way since that’s how I wrote it to begin with.

Music to Me – from 10th grade

Music is a friend of mine,
one that will never die.
It’s there when I want it to be,
and on my command it can supply

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Driving Blind

This is “Driving Blind”, the first lyric I wrote for my friend Cory Breth. He wrote music for it, so now it’s an actual song! It’s on the album he’s releasing on March 1st, 2013, and it’s going to be on iTunes! A song I wrote will be on iTunes? Whoa. That feels pretty cool.

Verse 1:
Just go and trace a blacktop line
Cruisin’ on my own
Drivin’ free and feelin’ fine
Not sure just where I want to be
Got no place to go
Makes no difference to me

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Welcome, friends.

Hi. This is my blog.

Since I rarely read anyone’s blog, I don’t pretend to assume that people will read mine. But if you do read this, cool. Thanks.

I might occasionally post poems here. Who knows. Poems are something I sometimes do. So… yep. I might do that.