An older poem. The Law is not the way.

Just something I wrote a couple years ago in a fury of thoughts one afternoon. Initially, I threw it up on Facebook. Now it’s here, extensively revised. Enjoy.

The law makes nothing perfect. It cannot grant what it requires.
Would you use a thermometer to put out forest fires?
Seeing who I am, so far from how He crafted me,
I know I have no hope of being what I ought to be.
But the law is not not my governor. It’s only here to say
That I’m in need of saving. I knew that anyway!
So rather than keep grasping for a better, higher score,
I stand here, empty, helpless, simply knocking at the door.
Lord, I know that I stand guilty of the breaking of your heart,
But, Jesus, You’re my justifier and I need what you impart.
I raise my flag of giving up. You win, and I win, too.
The law makes nothing perfect, but by grace, oh God, You do.

Unpublished work © 2012 Doug Walton



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