I’ve wondered and I’ve worried ’bout my place in Heaven’s love.
Despite the Spirit’s witnessing, elusive was the dove.
Awash in fearful faithlessness, my sin convinced me thus:
That even though He promised life, my lot is merely dust.
So sorrow and resentment dripped their roots into the ground
And anchored me to sin again with fear I’ll ne’er be found,
Until in frigid newness Heaven wrenched me open wide
And filled me with the Spirit pouring over down the sides.
Surrender of surrenders! Let me fight Him nevermore!
He is the only one to know and love me as a whore.
From whoring now, I turn away to see my Lover’s face –
The eyes of Him who saw me run into the darkest place.
Still loving, still unwavering, He sought me out in sin,
To offer up his only Son and bring me home again.

I’ve never been more sure of it. Undoubtedly, it’s so –
That after paying such a price, He’ll never let me go.








Unpublished work © 2014 Doug Walton



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