Music to Me

I haven’t finished a new poem in a while, so I’ll share this one from high school. I wrote this in 10th grade for a school assignment. Apparently, at the time I felt like being a rebel by using lowercase letters to start most of the lines. My punctuation is pretty bad, too. I admit it bugs me and I really want to fix it, but I’m leaving it that way since that’s how I wrote it to begin with.

Music to Me – from 10th grade

Music is a friend of mine,
one that will never die.
It’s there when I want it to be,
and on my command it can supply

a soothing, quiet melody –
relaxing, placid, soft, serene,
some simple notes to calm my mind,
creating a pleasant scene

A voice just like a rainstorm
drizzles verses in my ear,
then creates a flood of chorus
and a bridge leads to the clear.

But when I don’t want to sit calmly,
feeling awake, alert, and bored,
it can shatter the air around me
with awesome power chords.

The rhythmic, metered harmonies
of bass, guitar, and drums
sometimes much less polished sounds
like strong acoustic strums

Electric strings and sticks on skins
send shivers down my spine.
chord progressions, bass and riffs
saturated with design

the melodies, the lyrics and rhymes,
so ingenious, amazing, refined
I can’t help but admire the art
that proceeds from the songwriter’s mind.

Sometimes I sit back in awe
of brilliance in the air.
Rivers’ songs create a mood, time and place,
then return to take me there.





Unpublished work © 2006 Doug Walton



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