Beauty Unto Christ

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

He created the sky and the sea and the land –
All sculptures molded by His almighty hand.
He created the plants and the fish and the birds.
What marvels He crafts with His will and His words!
He created the animals walking around,
Treading and dwelling upon solid ground.
Then He took up some dirt and breathed into it life,
Turning dust into man and his rib to a wife.

He called it good because it was, for all was as He willed.
Among the plants and animals, His Love and Beauty spilled.
The garden pulsed with Life and Love, God’s character laced through,
So we could live in harmony – the TriGod, me and you.
Perfection, Peace, Contentment, Truth, Community and Joy –
These things we dwelt in as He wished, forever to enjoy.

But even in this wonder of a world, man can see
The special kind of wonder that a woman’s made to be.
For when Adam woke from slumber, he became the first to see
The righteous helper God had made for him, designed so marv’lously.

God started with the land and sea – the simple and the plain –
And next the plants and fish and birds, just slightly less mundane.
More complex and more beautiful, still moving up the chain,
He came to beasts and man, and then He finished with a dame.

The pinnacle of beauty among all created things,
She’s created last in sequence from the plain to that which kings
And princes battle boldly to attain for what she brings –
Delightful, warming confidence, all from a heart that sings.

She outwardly is mesmerizing, sure, but what’s inside
Dwarfs even outer loveliness, for that’s where Christ resides.
A gentle, quiet spirit, humble, pure, and dignified,
Modest, eager, vigilant – no wonder man so wants a bride!

So he’s driven to align himself with Christ ‘til stride for stride
He follows hard to God’s example so he’ll be her worthy guide.
Always loving, always leading, often failing, though he tried
To keep in step, to keep on running through the rising, holy tide

That is our daily walk with Jesus. We will worship Him who died
To give us freedom, give us life where love and agony collide.
When we look upon the cross of Christ and crucify our pride,
We want to take up our own cross and live like Him, so self-denied.

Every day that we awake, we will slip and we will slide,
And we will find it hard to live like Christ who drew God’s wrath aside.
But still we battle so the enemy our hearts will not divide,
And as knights of God our lives will say, like Christ, “I love my bride.”






Unpublished work © 2010 Doug Walton



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