A poem about Christmas. … kinda. You’ll see.

(Be warned, this is kinda long. I think it’s worth your time, though. Maybe 10 minutes.)

Hey there, pals. So I wrote another poem. But I need to explain a bit before you read it to make sure the context is understood. Some of you may know this stuff already, so bear with me.

When mankind sinned against God and lost relationship with Him, God quickly began making promises about how He would restore his people to Himself and make it all okay again. Those promises centered on the idea that He would send a Messiah to save people from their sin. And He talked about this with his people throughout history, reminding them of this Messiah and his promise.
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First poem of the blog!

Just a couple days ago, I edited my Oct 2nd post to add that I might occassionally post poems here. Then last night I said on Facebook that I miss writing poetry. Well, here’s one already. Simple and short. Nothin’ grand. Enjoy, few blog-readers of mine!

“Vessel” (Does it even need a title?)

I’m aware that I’m a vessel, like a vessel on the sea.
Won’t You please become my rudder? Let your love control me.
There’s a war behind the wheel over what my face will see,
And the members of my crew divide on where they want to be.
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